The future of Spanish in the US may still be unknown, but it certainly is a topic of discussion.

Scholars from the University of Harvard in the United States recently came together to talk about what lies ahead. There is little doubt that Spanish is growing as a language for our southern neighbours. It’s estimated that there are 40 million speakers in the United States, making it the second most spoken language in the country.

One of the main challenges and barriers for Spanish in the US is the opposition the language (and diversity) in general faces. Many Americans currently see Spanish as a language associated with unskilled workers, in labour intensive positions. In order to truly become a more prestigious language, more native English speakers will need to gain respect for Spanish in the US.

The good news is that this is already happening. More and more students are voluntarily choosing to learn Spanish in school, rather than French or German. Even if the older generation’s opinions of the language cannot be swayed, hope may come in the form of those born after the year 2000.

The key to gaining Spanish acceptance in the United States lies in changing its perception. It must be seen as a language that is something greater than simply what only new immigrants speak. Given the influence that United States has on the rest of the world, Spanish in the US is quite a big deal after all.

As Canadians, we can also help bring about this change in perception by learning to speak Spanish in our home and native land. Speak Spanish Academy is here to help you succeed.