What would you think if someone told you that Spanish is the #1 language to learn for upcoming global leaders?

Would you be skeptical?

Assuming you already speak English, then Spanish is actually the most prestigious and beneficial language to learn. Don’t just take our word for it though. This information comes directly from a recent Entrepreneur.com article called The 6 Top Languages Global-Minded CEOs Should Know.

Spanish happens to be the #1 language to learn.

The other languages making the list include Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Arabic and German.

More good news for you; out of those six languages, Spanish is arguably one of the easiest to learn, alongside Portuguese, thanks to its similarity to English. In the linked list on the website Effective Language Learning, Spanish and Portuguese are ‘category one’ languages that requires 575-600 hours of practice to master. German comes next with up to 750 hours needed. Russian requires 1,100 and then Arabic and Chinese both demand a massive 2,200 hours of study.

Are you feeling better about your decision to learn Spanish now?

For Canadians in particular who were required to study French until grade 9 with the option to continue beyond that, we have another edge for learning Spanish. Not only is Spanish similar to English, but it’s also similar to French. Some words that are vastly different in Spanish from English such as “library” (“biblioteca”) are more similar to their French counterparts (“bibliothèque”).

Not only that, but grammatically speaking, there are further similarities between Spanish and French. For instance, in English you might say he is an intelligent student, with the adjective coming before the noun. In Spanish it would be more appropriate to say él es un estudiante inteligente, with the adjective coming after the noun. The same holds true in French where it would be said il est un étudiant intelligente.

For new learners, drafting comparisons between both English and French could help enhance your Spanish comprehension.

Hopefully by now you are excited to begin or continue your Spanish language learning. Contact Speak Spanish Academy today to find out how we can help you on your journey.