Celina Gutiérrez is the owner and founder of Speak Spanish Academy. Celina was born in Mexico where she completed a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and worked in different industries conducting international business. Sixteen years ago she moved to Canada where she continued her studies in the business field until she became a mom. Becoming a mom triggered her desire to teach Spanish to her daughter. She founded the first online bookstore in Canada that specialized in children books in Spanish and Bilingual. Which later evolved to become what now is known as Speak Spanish Academy. Celina holds various certifications, among, a Spanish as a Foreign Language Teacher Certificate, Train the Trainer, Classroom Strategies for Inquiry-Based Learning and Digital Marketing Certificate. Her experience in international business and business administration spans more than two decades, and her teaching experience spans more than 4 years. She combines this background to offer Spanish courses to satisfy specific individual and company needs, teaching students of all ages.



Leda Cuenca is originally from Madrid, Spain, where six years ago she graduated as an Early Childhood Educator. Ever since she became an ECE, she has been lucky enough to use her training in several different environments such as summer camps and extracurricular classes. However, she has always been interested in learning and teaching different languages and that is the reason why she decided to study a four-year university degree in Linguistics and Applied Languages. She has even developed her own ESL program back in Spain. Teaching requires continuous patience and enthusiasm and she is committed to providing this for her students everyday. Being able to speak English, Spanish, Italian and French have given her the opportunity to travel around the world and experience some amazing things. It is an honor for her to be able to spread her language around the world in a natural and interactive way. It allows her to keep learning about other cultures as well as her own and continuously grow as a teacher.

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Diana Gonzalez was born in Colombia. She is a very patient and dynamic teacher who enjoys teaching not only the Spanish language but also the wonderful Hispanic culture. She has a Bachelor Degree in Education and a Specialization in Childhood Education. She began her teaching career in a private school where she worked for more than ten years. She worked with Elementary and High School students in the city of Bogotá. She also has experience in Adult Education with different Canadian Colleges.

The expectations she has for her students are to enjoy the classes to the fullest, learn and love a new culture through dynamic classes. Some of her hobbies include reading and spending time with her family. She is looking forward to meeting all her students and work with them!

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Leticia Leonato is a Spanish teacher as a Foreign Language from Madrid, Spain. She holds more than 5 years teaching experience. In 2014, she finished her master’s degree. She then went to India to teach at an international language school.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Teaching from the University of Extremadura and a Master’s degree in International Spanish Language Teacher, from the Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca. She also holds a certificate as DELE Examiner (levels A1-A2 / A1 / B1-B2 / C1-C2) from Instituto Cervantes.

Prior to moving to Canada, she worked in a language school in Tenerife, Spain. She taught Spanish, developed the curriculum and also conducted some workshops (Spanish & cooking, Spanish culture, Spanish & surfing, diving, etc)

Leticia enjoys tailoring the lessons to her classroom’s needs. When it comes to learning, she’s the most enthusiastic and motivated person and she likes to pass that motivation on to her students. She also speaks English, Italian and French.

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